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Our support group is open to all members of the triad and is a safe place to learn about and receive support surrounding the adoption experience.  Triad members facilitate the support groups.  We welcome those interested.

Our support services are open to all members of the triad (adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents).

Our volunteers have lived the experience of adoption and are available to talk and listen to you, on the phone, in person, or by email.

They can share information and provide understanding and support surrounding the lifelong impact of adoption. You are not alone with the adoption experience. We welcome you.

Our triad support group meetings are held on the 4th Sunday of the month from 3:00 - 5:00 PM at Harris United Methodist Church (Komuro Lounge) located at 20 South Vineyard Blvd (across Pali Longs/Pali Safeway) downtown.

How to reach us:

   P. O. Box 10304

   Honolulu, HI 96816-0304

   Phone: (808) 989-7071






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