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Hawai'i's 2016 Adoption Record Law

From June 23, 2016, all members of the triad may request access to sealed adoption records held by Family Court when the person who was adopted in Hawai'i is at least 18 years old. These records contain information about the parties to the adoption and include court documents, and the adoptee's original birth certificate.

You can request your records from Family Court, using their form found at or at their office. Make your request to the Family Court in the district that the adoption took place.

You must have your form notarized if you are mailing it in. If you deliver the request form in person, you must have a picture ID to verify your identity. You will have to pay a copying fee for your copy of the records.

You can read Hawai'i's open records law, section 578-0015, Hawaii Revised Statutes, at this link:

Here are the Family Court addresses:

Adoption Records -- Oahu
First Circuit Court, Family Court
Kapolei Judiciary Complex
4675 Kapolei Pkwy, Kapolei HI 96707-3272
Phone: (808) 954-8145

Adoption Records -- Maui
Family Court, 2nd District
2145 Main Street, Suite 206
Wailuku, Maui, HI 96793-1679
Phone: (808) 553-3397

Adoption Records -- Hawai'i
Family Court, 3rd District
345 Kekuanaoa Street, Room 40
Hilo, HI 96720-4388
Phone: (808) 961-7670

Adoption Records -- Kauai
Family Court, 5th District
3970 Kaana Street, Suite 305
Lihue, Kauai, HI 96766-1283
Phone: (808) 482-2350





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